Kraft Coffee Bags


As a professional kraft coffee bags manufacturer , Qiyu PACK adopts advanced production equipment and raw materials. Our production equipment of flat bottom bags is the 13th generation of equipment from the industry-leading brand enterprises, which will help Qiyu PACK become the best kraft coffee bags supplier in China. Meanwhile,our Kraft paper and coffee valve suppliers are world first-class brands. Professional equipment and high-quality materials provide quality assurance for your custom service of coffee bags.

Maintaining the maximum freshness of coffee beans is an important factor that drives customers to buy. In addition, coffee packaging has also developed from traditional simple paper bags to personalized and functional packaging products. The custom kraft coffee bags help highlight brand value,contributing to attracting consumers to buy. Kraft laminating bag is waterproof, moisture-proof and smell-proof. What's more, the laminating Kraft paper has become one of the most commonly used packaging materials in the global market at present.

Why Choose Kraft coffee Bags from Qiyu PACK?

1. Our Kraft coffee bag is made of laminating biodegradable material,which is non-toxic, odorless, pollution-free and low-carbon environmental protection.And the material is completely compliant with the EU standard.

2. Superior performance on stiffness,the Kraft coffee bag is not easy to deformation, offering superb visual effects.

3. Widely used in the packaging of dried fruit, coffee beans and coffee powder, the Kraft packaging bag can preserve the maximum freshness and flavor of coffee beans.

Are you looking for a new coffee bags supplier? Qiyu PACK can be your best partner,welcome to contact us to get a free quote!


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