Coffee Bag : The Ultimate Guide

The blog is the ultimate guide of custom coffee bags. In this blog, we will show you how to cutomize coffee bag. And The blog will tell you the benefits of coffee bags and the method to choose a coffee pouch. Besides, this article will show you different popular types of coffee bags ad the best materials to customize coffee pouches.

Benefits of Coffee Bag

Your product's packaging can make a difference in whether you sell a lot or not.

Here are some reasons to use coffee pouches in your coffee packaging.

Pouches take up less space than other packaging. You can save space by using pouches to package your coffee.

- Pouches are not easily broken unlike glass jars. Because a coffee pouch is not breakable, it will not be thrown off the shelf.

- The shelf life of coffee beans and grinds is extended by using coffee pouches. They have a shorter shelf life in other containers because of the continuous release of gases -from roasted coffee beans.

- The taste of coffee beans is enhanced by packaging them in pouches. The pouch preserves the taste of the coffee beans by preserving the flavor they emit.

- Pouches last longer than glass jars.

- They are also less expensive. Pouches can save you money on production costs.

- Because they are so convenient, coffee pouches make it easier for customers to use. They can be carried anywhere.

- You can reuse the pouches multiple time thanks to the zip lock.

- Pouches are made from biodegradable material, which makes them very environment-friendly.

- After using coffee, consumers can reuse the pouches for storage of cooking ingredients.

- When displayed on a display, a pouch gives your product a more attractive appearance.

How to Choose a Coffee Pouch

It is crucial to choose the right packaging for your products.

These are some things to think about if you're considering using coffee pouches to package your coffee beans.

- Choose the right type of pouch for you. It is important to find a pouch that is both airtight and stand up. The most popular stand up pouches include the doypack, side gusset bag, quad seal bag and flat bottom pouch.

- The pouch's internal material: Roasted coffee beans can be sensitive to environmental factors. To protect your coffee products, you can use aluminum as a protective material. A barrier is essential if you don't plan on finishing your coffee in a very short time.

- A One-way Degassing Valve in your pouch: This valve removes excess CO2 and keeps your coffee fresher for longer.

- Design of the coffee bag: The design of your coffee pouch should be chosen based on how you intend to use it. A side-fold bag is much easier than a Doypack.

- Is your coffee bag equipped with a zipper? If you plan to pack a lot of coffee in a bag, this is a crucial question. A pouch that does not have a zipper is fine if you only intend to use the coffee once.

- Your pouch is it easy to use? The best choice would be to make it easy for customers to take the coffee out of the pouch.

- You want your coffee pouch to reflect your business's style. You can be creative with the type of valve and color.

- Compatibility of your label and the pouch: A matte label might be a good choice.

6 Different types of coffee bags

These are the 6 different types of coffee bags available:

1. Doypack/ Stand up pouch

This coffee pouch's top is flat and its bottom is oval. The Doypack, a stand-up pouch with a zipper, is another option. 

This premium pouch is more expensive than other pouches.

It is much easier to fill this coffee pouch with an automatic filler than a manual one.

Coffee bag doypack | Qiyu PACK

2. Bag-in-bag coffee pouches

This is, as the name suggests, a bag-in-a-bag type of pouch.

Fill the smaller pouches first with coffee, then place the desired amount of pouches in a larger pouch.

This bag-in-bag pouch can be used to sell large quantities or bulk.

 Coffee tea bag bag-in-bag

3. The Pillow Bag

This is among all the pouches and the most affordable when it comes down to production.

The pillow bag can be used to package coffee once-only.

It does not stand up, but is flat for display. It is a pillow-like form.

Andit is generally made of packaging roll films through automatic packaging machines


4. Flat bottom pouch

The flat bottom pouch is a coffee pouch that can be used as a stand-up cup. 

Flat bottom pocuh is the most popular type of pouch for packaging coffee.

This design can be used with or without a zipper.

The press-to-close zipper and pocker zipeer is the most common type of zipper.


 Flat bottom pouch with pocket zipper for coffee packaging | Coffee bag supplier

5. Quad Seal Bag

This type of pouch can also be used as a stand up pouch. The seals can be found at the 4 sides.

Due to their strength, quad seal bags can be used to fill larger quantities of coffee.

Quad seal bags are also relatively a expensive type of pouch.

6. Center Seal Coffee Bag

This is a high barrier and high-temperature resistant pouch.

The seal is located in the middle of the pouch making it harder for moisture to enter.

You can choose to have the center seal pouch as a pillow bag or stand-up type.

Center seal pouch for coffee packaging

What is the feature of coffee bag?

There are many additional options for coffee bags.

These are some of the most popular features found in coffee pouches:

1. Zipper

A ziplock is a lock that secures your bag. 

Ziplocks can come in many different forms and most coffee pouches include PTC(press-to-close) zipper or pocket zipper.

2. Hang holes

Hang holes are another common feature in coffee pouches. 

Hang holes are small cutouts on the pouch's top.

3. Tear notches

To make it easier to open, some Coffee pouches are equipped with tear notches.

4. Degassing valve

These valves are a must-have feature for any coffee pouch.

5. Non-airtight

Non-airtight packaging is possible for coffee pouches. 

This packaging can be used for disposable coffee consumption.

6. Vacuum

Vacuum packaging is available for coffee pouches. 

After some time, the coffee beans are transferred into another packaging because of gas.

You can also get the pouch packaging for pressurized coffee

The Best Material to Make Coffee Pouches

Different materials can be used to make different coffee pouches.

These materials are selected based on their ability protect their contents from environmental factors.

1.Aluminum foil

It is the most popular material for coffee pouches.

It acts as a barrier to environmental factors.

Aluminum foil, although it can be expensive, is a quite popular material for coffee pouches.


According to research, PET is the best material to make coffee pouches.

It is not as strong as aluminum but it offers the same protection, and it is also less expensive.

PET returns to its original form when it is crinkled unlike aluminum foil which retains the crease.

Coffee Pouch Manufacturing Process

The coffee pouch is usually made by a machine.

When making coffee pouches, there are several things you should consider.

1. First, consider the size of your pouch.

2. Your coffee pouch should also be made from the right material. The purpose of the coffee pouch will dictate the type and thickness of the material.

If the pouch is temporary, you could use a thin barrier of film.

Once you have made all the decisions, you can start making your coffee pouches with the machine.

Coffee Pouch Customization Options

There are many options for customizing your coffee pouch.

You have the option to opt for a matte appearance instead of the usual shiny one.

You can also personalize your coffee pouch by using unique labeling designs.

Another way to create a unique look is by customizing the printing style of your pouch.

While customizing your coffee pouch can be costly, it will give your products an individual look.

Custom Coffee Bag supplier and manufacturer | Qiyu PACK

Printing Techniques for Coffee Pouches

There are many ways to print on coffee bags.

1. Bags printed directly

2. Flexographic printing
Flexographic printingis the oldest type of printing. 

Flexographic printing can be used for small coffee pouches, and takes much less time to complete.

3. Digital printing

This is a new method of printing. 

Digital printing allows you to create custom artworks for your coffee bags.

No cylinder fee for digital printing.

4. Gravure printing 

Flexographic printing is a more expensive method. 

Gravure printing is a method that uses bold colors to create artworks and images for products.

The visual effect of the finished coffee pouches is the best by gravure printing.

Coffee Pouch Safety Features

These are the safety features of coffee pouches.

1.Ziplock protects contents from spillage even during transit.

2.The degassing valve is used to prevent the accumulation of CO2 gas within the pouch.

3.Some coffee pouches have a seal that ensures the contents are safe during transit.

4.Flat bottoms.The stand-up pouches can have either flat or rounded bottoms that allow them to stand on their own. The pouch's stand up design keeps the contents contained within it from shifting too much.

5.A film barrier is a protective layer inside the pouch that prevents coffee beans from coming into contact with the outside environment.

Coffee Pouch Quality Standards

When making a coffee bag, you must adhere to certain standards. These standards are:

1. Moisture-proof

The coffee pouch should be impervious against moisture.

2.Tightness and exhaust 

A one-way degassing valve must be installed in the coffee pouch to remove gases.With the valve, we can expel the gas produced by the internal coffee, but prevent the outside gas from entering.

3. Durability

Except for temporary packaging, coffee pouches must be strong and durable.

Different Closures for Coffee Pouch

There are many options for coffee pouch closures:

Heat seal tear notch

Seal of approval

Slide zipper

One-way valve

Sealable resealable

Ziplock closure

Tape adhesive closure

               Resealable closure with one-way valve

How to choose the right coffee valve

The one-way valve allows the gasses to escape from the pouch while keeping other gases out of the coffee.

You should choose a valve with a tight seal that allows the gases to flow freely without exploding.

Re-closable Coffee Pouch

The coffee pouch is re-closable and has a seal at its top which you can close even if it's opened for the first time.

Most often, the seal on a re-closable bag is either a heat seal (or a soft adhesive).

After opening the bag for the first time, you can seal it again.

This pouch can be used to package large quantities of coffee.

This is a popular choice because it doesn't require you to finish your coffee every time you open it.

This type of coffee pouch is very popular with coffee drinkers due to its simplicity of use. However, there are some drawbacks.

This pouch has one major drawback: the coffee may lose its freshness.

Coffee can come in contact with water and other elements due to its constant opening and closing.

A re-closable pouch has another disadvantage: the seal becomes weaker with every re-opening.

If the seal is weak, the coffee could spill out if it falls.

The benefits of a stand up coffee pouch

1. The stand-up pouch can be used alone to enhance the overall aesthetics of the display.

2. The freshness of your product is extended with stand-up pouches Because the contents of the pouch are not easily moved, they will remain intact.

3. Stand-up pouches are usually equipped with a ziplock to protect the coffee from environmental factors.

4. Because they are lightweight, stand-up pouches can be carried around easily.

5. The stand-up pouches are flexible in design, style and labeling.

6. Using a customized stand-up pouch makes your products look unique.

Ziplok stand up pouch for coffee packaging

Grind Coffee Pouches vs. Coffee Pouches (packaging).

Grind coffee pouches contain small bags of coffee that come in different flavors.

Grinds coffee pouches are not made with hot water.

This is a great choice for those who need an extra boost of caffeine on the move.

Instead of drinking regular coffee, put it in your mouth and swig it.

Grinds coffee pouches are small and can hold up to 20.

A Grinds coffee pouch contains the equivalent of 4 to 5 cups of coffee.

Coffee pouches, on the other hand are packaging materials that protect coffee beans.

Regular coffee pouches are made with roasted coffee beans.


The essence of a Nicotine-Free Coffee Pouch

Nicotine can cause yellowing of the teeth and receding gums.

You need to place the Grinds coffee pouch between your lips and teeth in order to get the full flavor.

Due to direct contact, your chances of yellowing your teeth are higher.

Nicotine-free coffee pouches allow people to enjoy coffee without worrying about the negative effects of nicotine.

Coffee Pouch Sealing Techniques

Your coffee pouch's sealing method will vary depending on its type.

Most coffee pouches can be sealed by heating directly.

Sealing pouches can be done with a variety of machines.

Some machines can be operated manually, others are fully automatic.

Direct heat sealing is better if you have a thick-layered pouch such as the side-gusseted one.

You can also use regular sealers for lighter pouch types like the hand-held.

Coffee Pouch Size Options

The type of coffee pouch you choose will affect the size options.

The pillow bag is the smallest pouch type, and it's best for one-time use.

Other types of coffee pouches are smaller and may contain moderate amounts of coffee.

Gusseted coffee pouches are suitable for larger quantities of coffee.

The Best Coffee Pouch Design Ideas

Your coffee pouch design will attract more customers if it is more attractive and unique.

It's possible to be creative with the type and method of printing you use.

You can also use the labeling feature to express your creativity with your coffee pouch.


Standard Thickness Coffee Bag

A coffee pouch can be made in any thickness you like.

The pouch must be thick enough to protect contents from moisture and other environmental factors.

Different pouches can also differ in thickness and dimensions.

Use Eco-Friendly Coffee Pouch for Your Benefits

Eco-friendly coffee pouches are made with minimal carbon.

You can reduce your contribution towards global warming by using the eco-friendly pouch.

1. These eco-friendly pouches do not contain any chemicals or toxins. It is best to keep coffee toxin-free, as it is intended for consumption.

2. People care more about the environment than ever before and are more inclined to purchase eco-friendly packaged goods.

3. Customers of all calibers love eco-friendly packaging

4. These eco-friendly coffee pouches can be recycled after being used.

5. It is simple to recycle an eco-friendly coffee bag

6. These eco-friendly coffee pouches can be easily transported and are light in weight.

The Advantages of Customizing Coffee Bag From China

China makes some of the best coffee pouches on the market today.

Your coffee pouch will be shipped from China, which guarantees you quality and is affordable.

Qiyu PACK offers the best quality coffee pouches.

Qiyu PACK can provide custom designs at a competitive price. 

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