Top 5 Packaging Roll Film Advantages

Packaging roll films is a laminated film that put onto a roll. Tt is often used in conjunction with form-fill seal machinery (FFS). These machines can shape and die cut the roll stock, creating sealed bags.For convenience, consumers can convert roll films into single-use "stickpacks" (or small bags) for on-the-go storage.

Flexible packaging and packaging roll films are gaining popularity as more consumers realize their benefits. Packaging roll film offers more flexibility than rigid packaging. Flexible packaging film is popular because of its versatility, customization, consumer appealing, cost savings and eco-friendly attributes.Packaging roll film can be an ideal choice for your company if you are wondering how it will benefit your business. Here are five tangible reasons.

1.Packaging Roll Film Can Be Customized

Packaging roll film is well-respected for its ability to be tailored for each product.You can customize Your packaging can be customized to suit any shape, size or visual requirements.Your marketing goals and unique requirements can be incorporated into your packaging.This gives you an edge in the market.

There are two common types of films: Polypropylene(PP) and Polyethylene(PE). Each one has a unique set of capabilities and characteristics, making them ideal for different applications.For greater protection and longer shelf life, you can combine them to make multi-layer laminated films.Packaging roll film can be printed with high-quality graphics in a variety of colors and styles, or to include important information.

Custom packaging roll film sachet

2.Flexible Packaging Roll Film is Versatile

Versatility is key when it comes to packaging solutions.Packaging roll film offers you multiple options. You can customize a packaging that is able to stand up, hang from a peg display, or sits on a shelf.

Flexible packaging films are designed to meet a variety of product requirements.Food safety is one example. The film protects food from harmful environmental elements such as UV light, high temperature and moisture .It can increase the shelf-life of perishable foods and block the smells.

3.Packaging Roll Film Reduces Production Costs

Compared with the bags and pouches, packaging roll film is the most cost-effective packaging solution.Since the film can be customized to the specific dimensions of your product, you don't need to use excess materials. Roll film can be tailored to your items, delivering a large quantity of product in a small package, resulting in lower production expenses.

The cost of packaging roll film's price is much lower than plastic and glass containers.Because it is lightweight, which is easier to ship domestically or internationally.You can reduce packaging costs further by choosing a thinner film.Qiyu PACK specialists can help you choose the right film for your product and offer you multiple cost-reduction options.

4.Packaging Roll Film is Convenient and Reuseable

Packaging roll film can be tailored to include seals, zip locks and spouts that can also be reused after opening.This benefit allows for greater convenience and helps to increase sales.

Packaging roll film manufacturer and supplier

5.Packaging Roll Film is Environmentally Friendly

It is crucial to use packaging materials that comply with sustainability standards as sustainability becomes increasingly important for consumers.The greatest benefit of PP or PE films is that they are recyclable.The BRC approved PE film can be used as a food safe material. It doesn't release harmful substances during heat sealing.

Packaging roll film is also more energy-efficient to manufacture and transport.Packaging film roll produces fewer greenhouse gases. This makes it more appealing to consumers who want to purchase from companies and brands that are conscious of their environmental footprint.Are you looking to improve the efficiency of your packaging design?The benefits of using packaging roll film are worth considering.

Sachet packaging roll film for food packaging

Qiyu PACK offers a variety of packaging roll films.We can help you choose the right materials for your manufacturing and packaging needs. As a top-ranked packaging supplier in China, Qiyu PACK supply roll stock film to companies all over the world.

Want to consult to see if you should switch into a packaging roll stock film from normal pouches?Conatct us today to discuss how the benefits listed above have propelled packaging roll film options to the forefront in the packaging industry, and how you can benefit from these benefits for your company and brand.

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