6 Advantages Of Stand Up Pouches

There are six reasons why brands give up rigid packaging and turn to flexible stand up pouches to better advertise, protect and drive product sales. 

From production to sales, stand up pouches bring multiple advantages to both manufacturers and consumers. 

Here are six advantages that our customers can enjoy from stand up bags most.

Shape and Structure

Stand up pouches can be customized into various sizes and shapes. 

The standard pouch is the most popular, which is a round-bottom-gusset bag with a flat bottom that can fold when empty.

You can also choose from box pouches and K- sealed options. Quad-sealed is another ideal options, which means with 2 side gussets and 4 vertical seals.

Stand up pouches can be customized died cut into any shapes, helping brand stand out on the shelf.

Custom stand up pouches with zipper

Cost effective

If you want to lower the cost of materials, switching to stand up pouches (or general flexible packaging), is an ideal decision. 

Flexible packaging is three to six times cheaper than rigid packaging.

Stand up bags are durable and functional, and are relatively inexpensive to produce. They are also cheap to ship, since one box can hold many bags.

Simply put, standing up pouches will give you a better margin for your business and it is the most cost effective choice.

Convenient Features

Convenience is important to consumers and stand-up pouch features can be a great way to add value for your brand.

With stand-up pouches, consumers find it more easily to dispense products.Using sealable closures can extend the shelf life of food and provide a better user experience for customers. 

To add convenience to your bags, you can choose from consumer-friendly features like zipper, press to close ziplock, spout, or hook-to–hook closures.

Transparent windows, tear notches, hanging holes, one-way degassing valves and handles are also available.

Spouted stand uo pouches

Product Safety

Stand up pouches are ideal for keeping food fresher longer and providing excellent protection against the elements.

All Qiyu PACK stand up pouches are BRC and SGS approved, which can perfectly preserve the freshness and aroma of chips, nuts, and coffee.

With two sides sealed and a gusseted bottom, the bags are puncture-resistant and can protect your products against moisture, UV rays and contaminants during transport.

Bottom gusset stand up pouch


The stand up pouches can reduce distribution costs.Because the pouches are lightweight so they are easy to transport with less punctures and breakage.

As a result, they can withstand increased shipping and handling stress without product damage or loss.

Depending on the pouch packaging solution, you can fit between five and ten times as many units into a single truck with fewer pallets.

The packaging is lighter and it is easier to store your product in smaller spaces and takes less time and labor for it to be moved around.


Standing pouches are more sustainable and eco-friendly. Flexible packaging generally uses less materials, energy, water and produces fewer volatile organic compounds.

They are lighter and smaller, which can help reduce fuel consumption during transport. Non-recyclable materials take up less landfill space than their rigid counterparts.

The stand-up bags are also recyclable or biodegradable, without sacrificing safety and quality.

Enjoy the Benefits of Stand Up Pouches

To enjoy all the advantages that stand up pouches and flexible packaging offer, you need to partner with a packaging supplier that provide one-stop custom service.

As a experienced flexible packaging manufacturer, Qiyu PACK has been doing this for over 25 years and we can customize a flexible solution that perfectly tailored to your product and brand. 

To find out what we can do for you, click here to connect with our end-to-end project service team.

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